About Us

Louise Brunberg, with children at School of Louise's Dreams

The Right to Learn is a foundation dedicated to continuing a dream. That dream is that every child in Nagarote, Nicaragua will be able to attend school, regardless of their circumstances. This is the dream of a woman named Louise Brunberg, which began almost twenty years ago.

Louise Brunberg arrived in Nicaragua for the first time in 1993, as part of a delegation committed to building solidarity between the people of Nicaragua and the United States. Upon her first visits to the town of Nagarote, Louise was deeply moved by the reality of life there. Many children were unable to attend school, and at times even eat, because their families lacked the resources needed to pay for their education and a balanced diet. This is why in 1996, using her own savings, Louise built a soup kitchen so that the poorest families in Nagarote could receive a free meal. Over the years her kitchen evolved into a small school for those same children, who could not afford to attend the public schools. Today, Escuela de Sueños de Luisa (School of Louise’s Dreams) enrolls over 200 students from preschool to 4th grade.

The children, during their lunch break

School of Louise’s Dreams accepts children from Nagarote’s most  impoverished families. These children are unable or unlikely to attend the public schools because their families cannot afford to pay for their educational necessities. At School of Louise’s dreams these children are provided with all the educational necessities that they would otherwise be unable to afford, including transportation, school supplies, uniform, shoes, breakfast and lunch. With the help of expert volunteers, we have recently begun training the school’s teachers in the Montessori Method. This is an exciting progression for the school, which has further improved the educational foundation for our students.

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