Board Members Make Appearances on Radio

by Alex Fuller-Young on July 12, 2010

James M.S. Johnson and Louise Brunberg recently made guest appearances on two Florida radio stations when they were invited on air by Diana Donlon from Englewood, Florida’s WENG station and Sarasota’s WSLR with Bob Conner. James and Louise utilized this time to discuss the work being done at School of Louise’s Dreams. Louise recounted the story of her initial visit to Nagarote in 1993, and how the school was eventually established. James spoke of his own first visits to the school and how he evolved into one of The Right to Learn’s Board Members. James and Louise also highlighted the importance of the school’s presence, due our students’ inability to attend Nagarote’s public schools. They mentioned the upcoming trip to Nagarote and their hopes that more volunteers might be willing to join them in the future.

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