College Scholarships

Elias, a college scholarship recipient. Now employed at School of Louise's Dreams as a computer technician.

The Right to Learn’s dedication to providing a free education to the children of Nagarote does not end after our students leave our primary school. In an effort to encourage the continuation of their education, we provide scholarships for underprivilded students who wish to attend college.

Although these students may be accepted to a university, many times they cannot afford the costs associated with attending their school. Our College Scholarship program currently supports 36 students by funding their transportation costs, school supplies, licensing fees, and tuition if necessary. Financing these students helps them  realize their own dreams and potential, and allows them to find stable employment in order to support their families.

You can help a college student attend their school by becoming a Gold Sponsor below!

Gold Benefactor
     $50/month donation
Gold Benefactors provide the funds necessary to support one college student, enabling them to attend their university.