Group of Three Returns from Nagarote

by Alex Fuller-Young on February 23, 2010

On February 8th, 2010 a group of three arrived in Nagarote for a visit to School of Louise’s Dreams. Founder Louise Brunberg, Board Member James M.S. Johnson, and our Montessori expert Marie Scott got busy to work on a mountain of tasks. Apart from her usual check-in with the school’s teachers, staff, and students, Louise explained the nature of upcoming adjustments to the structure of The Right to Learn. Legal and financial changes, and additions in leadership, were all around the corner. James was rushing around confirming property right issues, meeting with legal advisors, and doing all other odds and ends. Marie focused on her expertise and passion, continuing with her Montessori training sessions with the school’s teachers.

 Our three travelers report that all is well at the school. February marks the start of another school-year at School of Louise’s Dreams. As last year’s fourth graders moved on after graduation last December, first-year kindergarteners have arrived this month. 207 is the offical enrollment for the new year. The school continues to thrive and grow as our projects move forward. However, Nagarote itself continues to suffer from a severe drought, with major crop losses in the surrounding farms.

 The group returned to Florida on February 23rd. Look for blog posts from Louise, James, and Marie, describing their experiences while visiting School of Louise’s Dreams.

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