Marie Scott – Board Member

Marie Scott during a visit to School of Louise’s Dreams

Marie Scott is a Board Member of the Right to Learn, as well as the organization’s Montessori expert. Marie has taught countless children, using the Montessori Method, for almost 50 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in curriculum development and training in the Orton-Gillingham Method of language instruction.

Marie helped parents start the Bede School in New Jersey in 1963. Later she developed a Montessori program for exceptional children in Michigan, and ten years later went on to start a private Montessori school there. In Florida, she taught and tutored at New Gate School in Sarasota for ten years.

Now a consultant for Montessori programs in the Sarasota area, Marie is also helping develop the Montessori curriculum and train teachers at School of Louise’s Dreams. Marie began her involvement during her first visit to Nagarote in 2007, and since then has made regular visits to help maintain a consistent training program for the school’s faculty.

Marie has also created supplemental classroom materials produced by HelloWood, Waseca, and Kaybee Montessori.