Recent Visits to Nagarote

by Alex Fuller-Young on July 12, 2010

Steering Committee Member David Chatowski recently returned from a long visit to Nicaragua. While there, David continued his ongoing work of teaching art to children. On his two month visit, David split his time between Nagarote and the mountain city of Somoto, in the northern region of Nicaragua. David spent a full month with the students of School of Louise’s Dreams, managing to complete a full 30 classes and working with each and every student at the school during the visit. The art subjects covered during this trip included: both acrylic and watercolor painting, drawing techniques, and rendering from observation, imagination, still life, and portrait. David noted that the children responded very well to his art program, and that their artistic skill improved dramatically as a result of their participation.

David Chatowski, working with students on still life painting

David also managed to find time to develop a new, weekend food program as well. With help from another non-profit organization, Samaritans International in Managua, he secured weekend meals for our students and other impoverished families in Nagarote.

A second visit to our school came just this last month, when our founder, Louise Brunberg, led yet another Montessori training group. Marie Scott and Whelma Thompson, both veteran Montessori teachers, joined Louise to spend a few weeks working with the teachers on new ways to engage their students.

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