School of Louise’s Dreams Bids Farewell to First Official Intern

by Alex Fuller-Young on September 27, 2010

Viktoria and her third grade classroom

Viktoria Nazadova recently completed a month-long internship at School of Louise’s Dreams. Arriving from her home in Luxembourg, Viktoria spent four weeks in Nagarote living at the home of Professor Juana, one of our staff. Viktoria commented that her home-stay with Juana and her family was a highly valuable experience, as it allowed her to rapidly improve her Spanish as well as participate in engaging cultural exchanges. Viktoria spent the majority of her time assisting the first grade teachers at School of Louise’s Dreams, assisting the teachers by devising ways to divide the large group of first graders and working closely with students that displayed persistent troubles with reading. Viktoria reported that she left having accomplished a great deal in only four weeks, and that of course she made a great deal of friends as well.

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