Volunteers help deliver gifts to School of Louise's Dreams

School of Louise’s Dreams is the result of a great deal of dedication and personal sacrifice. This spirit that Louise Brunberg instilled in our organization has inspired many others to join the community she created. Volunteers form the backbone of The Right to Learn, and enable us to continually provide for the children of Nagarote.

The Right to Learn welcomes the participation of any who wish to further the cause of providing a free, quality education to the impoverished. Our volunteers have helped in innumerable ways: by building the school, improving the facilities, training the teachers, teaching the students, gathering and delivering gifts, fundraising, and organizing finances.

No matter what your abilites, whether from home or in Nagarote, your particpation with our organization is warmly welcomed. If you are interested in volunteering your time for The Right to Learn Foundation, please contact our Executive Director at director@therighttolearn.org.