Privacy Policy

Computer Identifiable Information; Personally Identifiable Information defined.    When you visit the site without logging in, as part of the internet, certain information from your computer is presented, e.g., what browser you are using, which internet service provider is being used, the size of your screen, the internet protocol addresses (which can be roughly associated with a geographic area) and so on.  We call this “Computer Identifiable Information” or “CII.”    The term “Personally Identifiable Information” (or “PII”) would mean your name, email address, phone number or any information which would be associate with YOU, e.g., what pages you visited, etc.

We use CII to make your viewing experience better.  We don’t use PII without your express approval, as follows:

  1. Unless you give us PII, we don’t have it and won’t seek to identify you.
  2. If you do give us PII, we only use it for the purpose you explicitly permit, e.g., if you sign up for the newsletter, we will use it to send you the newsletter or other announcement about the School or the Foundation.
  3. If you become a registered user (e.g., an author on the blog), we will keep a history of your interactions with the site and copies of your submissions.
  4. If you make a donation to our Foundation, we will keep a record of that and give you a receipt, upon request, for your tax reporting purposes.   We use a third party payment provider (PayPal, Inc.), and they will have your payment-related information.  If you use PayPal for donations, we do not have access to your credit card number or other payment information.

If you are an author of a blog, see the separate “Terms of Service” which govern your contributions, copyrights, and so forth.

Any claim of copyright or other infringement should be directed to the Executive Director of the Right To Learn at