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Second grade girls and their teachers at School of Louise's Dreams

Second grade girls and their teachers at School of Louise's Dreams

The Right to Learn is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the disadvantaged children of Nagarote, Nicaragua with a free, Montessori education. The Right to Learn accomplishes this mission primarily through its funding of School of Louise’s Dreams, where over 200 pre-elementary and elementary students are provided with everything they need to effectively receive an education.

Over seventeen years ago, our school began as a simple dream of one woman. During Louise Brunberg’s first visit to the town of Nagarote, she witnessed the poverty suffered by many of the children. As a retired teacher, she was especially saddened when she learned that many of the children could not attend the public schools because they were unable to afford basic necessities like school supplies, shoes, or even breakfast. It was then that Louise decided that she would dedicate the rest of her life to ensuring that those same children would be able to attend school, regardless of their circumstances. Today, The Right to Learn works to continue our founder’s dream.

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